history of the harwood civic association


April 1998: Joan Turek and Mike Stricker sent a postcard to everyone living in the Harwood Area seeking information on their interest in establishing a Harwood Civic Association.  Funding for this effort provided by the South County Coalition, Peter Perry, President.

May 20, 1998: Organizational meeting was held at Christ Church Parish Hall.

June 24th 1998:Articles of Incorporation drafted.

September 30, 1998: General Meeting at Southern High School. Speakers on history of Harwood (Emily Peake), small area planning process (Jody Vollmar) and community issues.

November 1998: Birdsville Civic Association merged with Harwood Civic Association.

February 2, 1999: General Meeting at Southern High School. Elected first slate of officers. Announced merger with Birdsville Civic Association. Richard Josephenson from AA Long Range Planning Administration joined HCA to discuss current and future issues concerning land use in Harwood and the South County Area. Elections were held.

February 3, 1999: A letter was sent to Janet Owens supporting the small area planning process in Deale/Shady Side and South County and recommending that action on the Safeway project being proposed for Deale be delayed and incorporated into this planning process.

June 24 1999: Meeting at Mount Zion Methodist Church featuring Debbie Osborne, Chair, Small Area Planning Committee of South County who provided an update on committee activities. Announced that three members of HCA are on the South County Small Area Planning Committee: Peter Perry, Joan Turek and Carol Hladek

November 12, 1999: Social Gathering. Potluck supper at Christ Church Parish Hall in Owensville. Guest Speaker, Sue Brown of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation discussing their activities in the Southern Maryland area.

January 7, 2000: HCA sent a letter to Senator Paul S. Sarbanes supporting efforts to establish a War of 1812 Historic Trail in Southern Maryland.

February 1, 2000: General Meeting at South County Recreation Center. Captain Suit. Commander, Southern District, AA Co Police featured speaker. Also discussed proposed Sands Road cement plant; small area planning committee update, South County Coalition update, long-term Route 2 planning and Patuxent River Greenway. Elections were held.

September 23, 2000: General Meeting, South County Recreation Center featured speaker, historian and archaeologist Tony Lindauer of the Lost Towns Project discussing The Historic Harwood Family and it’s role in AA County. Updates on small area planning and South County Coalition.

September 26, 2000: A letter was sent to Planning and Zoning opposing a special exception request for a commercial kennel in an RA zoned area due to concerns regarding noise generated by the kennel which would be within two tenths of a mile of a significant number of homes. Also appeared before the Zoning Board.

October 27, 2000: A letter was sent to Planning and Zoning supporting the granting of a special exception submitted by the 12th Precinct Pistol and Archery Club to permit construction of an addition to their existing clubhouse.

November 2000: Appeared before the Appeals Board on the issue of a gas station on the southwest corner of Route 2 and 214. Testimony contributed to a successful ruling.

November 17, 2000: Special Meeting of South County Coalition – Harwood Civic Association members invited to attend. Featured presentation of Small Area Planning Committee preliminary recommendations.

February 1, 2001: General Meeting held at South County Recreation Center. featured speaker was Denis Canavan, the Director of Planning and Zoning for AA county who spoke on land use issues in South County. John Kloco also attended. Other issues of concern to Harwood were discussed: school bus storage, dog kennel, South County Small Area Plan, planned commercial development, Patuxent River Greenway, Brandywine Landfill. Elections were held.

May 7, 2001: HCA testified against Bill 21-01 concerning storage of schools busses on land zoned residential agricultural (RA) since it provided no enforcement or safeguards for the management of maintenance and cleaning runoff from these vehicles. Testified on the school bus issue before the County Council on two occasions and met separately with several Council members.

October 2001: HCA testified in favor of South County Small Area Plan before the County Council.

February 26, 2002: General Meeting Held at Southern High School. Ed Carlson of the Maryland Department of the Environment and Betty Dixon from Planning and Zoning AA County discussed The Future of Closed Land Fills. Charlotte Smutko and Earl Bradly also updated HCA on progress in developing a Greenway along the Patuxent.

May 2002: HCA Members invited to attend the Greater Crofton Council to hear about landfill’s impact on the Crofton Area.

November 10, 2002: HCA sponsors the Harwood Harvest for it’s members at the 12 Precinct Pistol and Rifle Club (they are members of HCA).

July 9, 2003:  HCA hosts its first history event at Oakwood, the historic home built by Sprigg Harwood around 1850.  The highlight of the event is a presentation by Ms. Sherri Marsh, consultant to the County Office of Planning and Zoning, on historic points of interest in Harwood.   

Autumn, 2003: HCA begins an aggressive campaign (including petitions, signs and phone calls to politicians) to maintain a post office at the site of the original post office at the corner of Harwood Road and Route 2.  HCA efforts are rewarded after extensive discussion with local political representatives, who help reverse the U.S. Post Office's plan to vacate the site. 

Autumn, 2003:  HCA urges County Executive Janet Owens to support the enforcement of land use covenants.  The covenants, often supported by the county government as a means to control land use in lieu of county rules, are only as good as the county's willingness to consider them when issuing development permits and appeals.   

November 2, 2003:  HCA holds its annual Harwood Harvest at the 12th Precinct Pistol and Archery Club.  Event is attended by about 40 residents, and features a presentation by State Representative Virginia Claggett, discussions with the U.S.Postal Service about plans for the Harwood Post Office, door prizes and an indoor air pistol demonstration and trial by the coach of the U.S. Naval Academy Air Pistol team. 

June 22, 2004:  HCA submits formal statement of support to eliminate Family Conveyance law loopholes to County Councilman Ed Reilly.  The loopholes had allowed excessive concentration of development on rural land for decades.  HCA support for the elimination of Family Conveyance laws, along with similar statements from many community groups, eventually result in the repeal of the conveyance law. 

July 18, 2004:  Harwood History event features a discussion of the South County Heritage Area Project by Ms. Donna Dudley, project director. The event, held at the Christ Church Parish Hall, is followed by light refreshments and a door prize from a local antique shop. 

September 13, 2004:  Mr. Kenneth Muller, re-developer of the site of the old Harwood Post Office on the corner of Harwood Road and Route 2, meets with the HCA board to discuss his plans for the site.  The meeting culminates many months of cooperative discussions with Mr. Muller and the U.S. Post Office regarding plans for the corner, and ultimately result in a community-friendly convenience store, gas station and post office. 

February 9, 2005:  HCA conducts its annual meeting at Souther High School, providing members the opportunity to meet with local elected officials, meet and elect HCA officers and board members, and address issues of concern to the community. 

May 14, 2005: HCA coordinates its third annual yard sale.  With HCA support in the form of maps and directions to shoppers, the sale allows Harwood residents to focus their sales on a single day while HCA hands out maps of sale sites from a central location in order to increase shopper interest and attention.  Approximately 45 shoppers stop by to obtain maps from HCA table at Southern High School. 

August 5, 2006:  Chews Memorial United Methodist Church and HCA co-sponsor a history event at the church, focused on the role of African Americans in Maryland and South County in the years before and after the Civil War.  The fascinating presentation is attended by approximate 65 community members, and is followed by a wonderful reception by the congregation of Chews. 

October 11, 2006: HCA co-sponsors, with eight other civic & professional groups, a candidate forum for candidates for County Executive, District 33 Senate seat, District 33b House of Delegates, District 30 Senate and House of Delegates, and District 7 County Council.   The forum, held at Southern High School and moderated by Channel 4 News anchor Wendy Rieger, is a huge success, with attendance numbering in the hundreds. 

February 28, 2007:  County Executive John Leopold headlines the HCA annual meeting at Southern High School.  The meeting presents the newly-elected County Executive to learn first hand the concerns and ideas of members of the Harwood community. 

June 15, 2007:  HCA participates in the South County Relay for Life fundraiser for cancer research.  Its second year of participation in the Relay, the Harwood group raises nearly $500 for the American Cancer Society. 

February 13, 2008:  Annual meeting held at Southern High School.  Fire safety presentation by Anne Arundel County Fire Department followed by a presentation on Anne Arundel County Public Schools' programs by the Director of School Performance, Mr. Chris Truffle.  Meeting also features an HCA corporate members showcase with brief presentations by a number of corporate members. 

June 6, 2008:  HCA board members and family participate in the South County Relay for Life, raising much needed funds for cancer research and patient support. 

August 20, 2008:  HCA presents gift of $750 to Southern High School for their new Career and College Resource Center. 

October 2008: HCA assists Sands Road community in addressing concerns over lack of notification of proposed expansion of nearby sand and gravel mine, by arranging pro-bono legal advice, attending community meetings, engaging county council and executive offices, and offering financial support.

February 11, 2009:  Annual meeting held at Southern High School.  Attended by 40 members of the Harwood community and several local elected officials, the meeting included an overview of HCA's activities in 2008, election of HCA board officers, and a special program on the Patuxent and West/Rhode Riverkeeper Programs.  Presented by Riverkeepers Fred Tutman and Chris Trumbauer, the presentation covered the role of Riverkeepers, issues facing the health of our rivers, and recreational and preservation recommendations. 

March 25, 2009: HCA hosts meeting by County Public Works Department to discuss Stocketts Run Bridge repairs.  Meeting allows county officials and residents to discuss facts and concerns surrounding the repair project.

April 2009: HCA provides formal comments on the proposed General Development Plan for Anne Arundel County, focusing on the quality of life interests of South County residents. 

February 10, 2010: HCA annual meeting postponed due to blizzard.  Meeting rescheduled to 18 May. 

March 2010: HCA works with county on building launch ramp at Wooton's Landing.  Effort will increase public water access for Harwood residents, and is later aided by generous grants from the Department of Natural Resources.

April 5, 2010: HCA board members testify against County Council bill 12-10 which would reduce impact fees on developers.  Through written and spoke statements, HCA points out the poor logic of the draft bill and the increased burden it would place on existing residents.  Bill eventually defeated.

May 18, 2010: Annual meeting at Southern High School.  Approximately 30 community members attend presentations by staff of Jug Bay Wildlife Preserve, Marilyn Harmon, the college /career coordinator from Southern High School and Christina Carr, the contact person for the Southern District police department advisory group.

October 20, 2010: HCA co-hosts candidate forum in advance of general election.