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Harwood Civic Association Government Affairs and Land Use Committee

Guidelines for Resolving Zoning and Other Land Use Problems


For specific complaints from a member such as using RA land for unlawful purposes, noise, junk cars, etc.

1. Complaints should be brought to the attention of the co-chairs of the Government Affairs and Land Use Committee for Resolution by the Board member who receives them. They will contact the member in each instance and obtain:

    a. a clear statement of the zoning or other land use problem confronting the HCA member.

    b. whether the HCA member has sought help from County Government in resolving their complaint and if so , what actions were taken. (Obnoxious problems can unfortunately be legal–and neither the county or HCA may be able to help).

2. If they have not contacted the county, inform the HCA member that the county is more likely to resolve specific complaints if they are presented by the affected party, that is, parties living within “sight and sound: of the problem. Give them the following numbers:

Main Contact Numbers:

    a. Zoning Enforcement Supervisor (Nicole Dozier) 410-222-7449, Department of Planning and Zoning. Request must be in writing: Either fill out complaint form (do not have to sign it) which you can download from the County’s website.( Go to forms and look for zoning complaint forms) or send a letter stating the address where they believe a violation has occurred and what it is (does not have to be signed) – Zoning Enforcement, P.O. Box 6675, Annapolis Md. 21401. Can also fax to 410-571-0921. If need help in describing the violation call zoning enforcement for help. Complaints can be anonymous.

    b. Office of the County Executive Bea Poulin, South County Community
Representative 410-544-2197 (She can help a member file a complaint.)

    c. Ed Reilly, County Councilman Joyce Maloney 410-222-1401

(Note the County Council is blocked by law from entering into zoning disputes–they can mainly offer moral support.)

4. Boards members must be sure the Government Affairs and Land Use Committee is fully aware of all discussions between a Board member and a complainant. The Committee will follow-up with HCA member to see if complaint is resolved. If not, the HCA Board may decide to weight in to lend added support. They will be polled by e-mail.

5. The Government Affairs and Land Use Committee may determine that there are broader issues the HCA should address or if this is a very specific complaint to be handled by the HCA member. If broader issues exist, see below.

6. A written record of each complaint and actions taken by HCA shall be prepared for inclusion in its formal records. The Board shall be informed of each complaint by e-mail.

For broader land use issues such as a changes to zoning to support development, traffic, cell towers, landfills, etc. or for specific complaints with broader implications (such as the adequacy of noise ordinances):

1. Government Affairs and Land Use Committee will Identify the changes that are being proposed and who is proposing them.

2. Prepare a position statement for review by the HCA Board (this can be by e-mail).

3. Distribute position to HCA membership–can include a request for them to call county officials and protest planned change (may be done by e-mail).

4. Contact other civic groups to gain support for HCA’s position (Davidsonville, Bristol, etc).
5. Share HCA position with Office of County Executive, County Council and Planning and Zoning.

6. Prepare testimony for council meetings, talk with newspapers, etc as appropriate.

7. Arrange for Officers of HCA Board to meet jointly with Officers of Davidsonville and Bristol civic association boards to discuss joint concerns/strategy.



The Mission of the Harwood Civic Association shall be to build community awareness and spirit in the geographical area known as Harwood.

Special notices

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